Joys of Going Dune Bashing

For scores of tourists who flock to Dubai every year, dune bashing has become the one activity they must experience. Of course, not everybody wants to go on one of these adventures. Most people would prefer to experience the more developed part of the emirate, the one where you can go shopping for high-end goods and dine in style. But for the more adventurous, dune bashing is the one activity they most look forward to.

When you get into one of the 4WD vehicles that are used for dune bashing, it is like getting into a roller coaster but more intense. You start by driving to the first dune, and then the fun starts. Your driver will begin driving up the dune, and you will find yourself jerked back into your seat. Then as he starts working his way up the dune you will begin jerking left and right and you begin wondering how the vehicle has not yet fallen off the dune. But you should not be afraid since the driver is experienced and despite the seeming risk of your vehicle tipping over, you are perfectly safe since he is still in full control of it.

You get some respite once you get to the top of the dune and the ride becomes momentarily smoother, giving your stomach an opportunity to settle momentarily. But then the driver makes his way down and you start to feel the pull of gravity on you once again. And this whole cycle will be repeated several more times as the driver drives across several other more dunes.

If you are easily nauseated, you should not even consider going dune bashing since you will surely throw up. But if you have a stronger stomach and are in the mood to enjoy some thrills then by all means, make sure you book a desert safari. If you would like to extend the experience, you can even book an overnight safari that provides you with the unparalleled opportunity to sleep underneath the stars in the desert.

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