Exquisite Ride with Hummer Desert Safari

If you have been travelling for some time and you have visited common tourist places such as Paris, London, Beijing or Hawaii, it is time to go to a place where you can experience a different kind of thrill. With a Desert Tour in Dubai, you can get the chance to experience the high sand dunes.

If you fancy cars, particularly high-end cars for extreme sports, then a Hummer Desert Safari is worth a try. Cruising across a golden desert while on a luxury car such as a Hummer is a dream come true not only for men but also for women who have the drive and the adventurous spirit. Also, the Hummer has a heavy-duty body, and equipped with high-standard air conditioning so you can enjoy the Desert view without suffering from the burning heat of the sun.

But riding a Hummer during your Desert safari trip is beyond luxury. It is also for safety concerns. Apart from a real camel, the Hummer is among the few modes of transportation that can help you conquer the Dubai desert. You will certainly be safer when you try sand sports activities such as sand bashing, sand boarding and sand skiing. And surely, your Dubai Desert travel will not be complete without riding an actual camel, which is an important inclusion in a Desert Safari travel package.

After a thrilling ride in the sand dunes and the desert sports camp, you can try to unwind by getting free henna tattoos, photo shoot for local attire, and take a sip of the Arabic shisha. There is usually a sumptuous buffet dinner with different types of delicacies to choose from.

For your entertainment, the tour also includes a lovely belly dancing and traditional tanoura dance show. The whole tour will only last for five to six hours.

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